Travel tips
Some good tips, when you are travelling with kids.
“Plan” choose the destination and the type of vacations that you intend to do;
“What to take” little advices to help on trip organization;
“Travel by car” confort and entertainment are essentials to “shrink” the trip;
“Travel by train” the adventure starts right now;
“Travel by plane”, I which I was the “captain”...;
“At destination” read all the info available in our site, and enjoy your stay.
Read all tips.

Choose the destination and the type of vacations that you intend to do. Think a little bit about the places that you’d like to visit. All the places mentioned at are great choices to discover with children. Share your ideas with your kids and show them some info about the places that you’re planning to visit.

What to take:
Don’t forget children identity documents, and health bulletin (hopefully will not be needed, but it’s always important to have it available, in case of need).
Bring with you a small emergency kit: analgesic, anti-inflamatory, balm/cream…
If you have younger children, consider to bring the “pushcair” (they get tired easilly…)
Don’t forget the favorite toy or teddy.
Prepare small snacks (fruit, water, cookies...)

Travel by car:
If you are travelling by car, consider to split the trip, and make short breaks (give your kids the chance to run a little bit, to jump and to take some fresh air). A good option is to take with you some toys or some objects from your house, in order to give kids some “safety feelling” like they were at home.
Dress children with comfortable clothes.
Some useful ideas: take light meals, to avoid travel sickness. Take a few plastic bags that might be needed to keep some “diapers”, “dirty” clothe... Wipes are very useful (even if your kids are not babies anymore…)
At car, check if kid’s auto chair is correctly installed.
Invent games, tell some stories, play the “guess what game”… there are a lot of simple things that can be done, and that easilly entertain children.
Bring some “new” surprises. (there are a lot of games and books not expensive, that will make kids feel very happy).
If you have the chance to invest in technology, then a portable DVD, PSP or an iPOD will be for sure fantastic options to entertain kids during the trip.

Travel by train:
For children that don’t use this type of transportation usually, this can be part of the trip’s adventure.
All tips mentioned before, can be taken into consideration for this type of travel.
Train offers even possibility to make a different kind of games (if you have the chance to take a seat with table…. Puzzles are also great choices; making a painting or a drawing can also be very entertaining for young kids (paper and colors are the only thing needed).

Travel by plane:
To do check-in, you’ll need children’s identity documents (ID card or passport).
Be aware of the existing rules, regarding air safety (some objects are not allowed at plane: scissors, cut nails, knives, lighters); liquids control (small containers, Max capacity: 100ml); there’s some rule’s exception in what concerns “baby food” (what might happen, is someone asking you to taste it, during security control)
Usually, children get very excited with the plane… Let them seat nearby the window, to enjoy the view (and see the clouds, or the “houses that look so small”; take small books, paper and colors… things that can entertain your kids and are easier to carry with… Again, if you have the chance to use technology, portable DVD, iPOD or a PSP, are for sure great options to keep kids busy...
At the end of the flight and depending on the aircraft company, might be possible to show the “cockpit” to your kids (just ask and see if they allow it...); will be a fantastic memory to keep, from the trip (right from the begining...)

At destination:
Now it’s time to plan journey activities (check our website information – you’ll find a lot of places to discover with kids)... keep in mind that children get tired easily...
Take sunscreen, a hat, water… and some special toy to your children.
At the different places (museums, gardens, monuments…) take advantage of our detailed information and explore with kids all existing activities. Explain what they are seeing, give them some historical information about the place (if there’s the case), tell them some stories... must important issue is keep them a bit focused and let them “play around”. Enjoy and have fun...

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